Welcome to Restaurant Brooklyn

An innovative place at NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam North with inspirational décor, open kitchen concept, spacious seating for dining, a bar and a terrace


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Opening Hours

  • LunchDaily from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • DinnerDaily from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm

  • BarUntil 12:00 am


In Restaurant Brooklyn, we serve you tasty lunch and dinner. Our innovative menus offer a wide variety of dishes ranging from local favourites to a variety of mains and mouth-watering desserts, prepared with only the finest and locally sourced fresh ingredients. Inspired flavours from the kitchen combined with our expert service, our team is devoted to providing a memorable dining experience.

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Drinking with friends, family, with your best mate or with your business client? Restaurant Brooklyn offers something for everyone. This is the place for a glass of wine, house special Brooklyn beer, cocktails or simply for a cup of coffee together with delicious snacks.


Large space with cosy corners, charismatic design and rich inspirational décor combined with the highest quality service, creates the perfect surroundings for a special business lunch, formal or informal one to one meetings or any small meetings. Enjoy a light bar snack as you check emails using the complimentary Wi-Fi access, reserve an area of the restaurant for private social events or an intimate evening meal.

Free Wi-Fi Free Parking


Olden Times Story of Our Monumental Building

The former Brooklyn Restaurant was one of the many buildings that formed the Dutch Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Society (NDSM), between 1894 and 1979. The Dutch Shipbuilding Society (NSM) was founded in 1894 on the eastern islands of Amsterdam. The workshop for Dutch shipping was so successful and growing that the location soon became too tight for the ambitious plans to grow. The ever-expanding ships no longer able to sail in the narrow and shallow part of the IJ, led in 1916 to plans to move the site to an open water area. Thus, in 1919, the NSM moved to the other side of the IJ and expanded in 1937 to become the largest shipyard in the world. Spices On 17 December 1920, the Dutch Dok Maatschappij (NDM) was founded by Amsterdam's shipping companies, right next to the NSM. This new institution was mainly engaged in ship repair and bridge construction. Twenty-six years later, on February 27, 1946, there was a merger between the two shipyards of NSM and NDM. From this day the Dutch Droogdok and Shipbuilding Society (NDSM) became a fact.

The unique building of the Old Restaurant Brooklyn was built more than a hundred years ago, in 1909, in the heart of the same NDSM shipyard. Together with the carpentry site, our location is the only remnant of the old NSM on the Conrad street. A fifth of directly connected smaller pilots, together with the Brooklyn main body, has been a successful industrial street wall since 1938, with an impressive size of 45 by 36 meters.

The Brooklyn Restaurant is a monumental building that definitely deserves a visit. Right now, you can enjoy food and drink in our new restaurant!